Documentary Storytelling

Storytelling lies at the heart of most documentaries - strong characters, compelling tension, and a credible resolution. Join us to understand the basics of Documentary Film-making.

Workshop covers topics listed (but not limited to) below:

Why make a documentary

• Finding a compelling story

• Your stories

• Emotional center

• how to put it together

• Dramatic structure

• Tone and Treatment

• Hands on camera and recording techniques

• Starting your documentary

• Watching documentaries is a wonderful way to expand your awareness of the world around you. It forces us to view a specific problem from an array of different perspectives.

Jay Gholap's Previous work for SETI(NASA)

The program will be conducted by Jay Gholap, Alumnus New York Film Academy. Currently working as a script consultant , Documentary and corporate filmmaker. Previous experience includes AD to Ram Gopal Verma.

Prior registration mandatory. For more details & registrations, kindly contact:

Jay Gholap +91 9619595411

Workshop Duration 2 days - Revised Workshop fees Rs. 2400

Workshop Duration 6 weekends - Revised Workshop fees Rs. 25000