Fascinated by world cinema, Jay Gholap decided to quit Bollywood films and develop his own world view of what cinema should be.

He started The Open Film School, where he applies his philosophy while making films. He has worked with Ram Gopal Varma. When Bollywood commercial films failed to satisfy his thirst to make versatile cinema, he decided to quit.

The graduate from New York Film Academy, says, “The subjects that films all over the world deal with are varied.”

The group that he runs in collaboration with a media company organises workshops in the city held every weekend. They regularly also conduct month-long workshops. The sessions include every aspect of film making including script writing, screenplay, camera, cinematography, editing and also acting.

Beginners and working professionals join his sessions. “Some have also quit their jobs and now they make films.” he says adding there are a few who always wanted to make films but couldn’t pursue it back then. With this option, they are now practicing it on weekends.”

He has about 500 students from Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune & Hyderabad. Jay adds, “I give the main lectures. We get professional editors and cinematographers to hold sessions too to teach the nuances to students.”