Prologue to Filmmaking introductory Seminar

Sat, March 24, 3:00 - 5:00 Pm Atta Galatta Kormangala

I believe you have been nursing this secret/open desire to become a filmmaker or at the least to try your hand at it for a long time now, hell that's why you are on this group and on our mailing list.
Pursuing a career in filmmaking has 3 main hurdles i.e.

(Finding)Time , (receiving) Knowledge and (getting)Opportunity
Passion makes all the difference here, passion is what makes your film (your life is one) from a plot driven one to a character driven one

To give yourself a chance, to live your dream you would have to do things differently a bit more proactively
(making) Time, (acquiring) Knowledge and (creating) Opportunity
let us spend an evening together to find out more about this elusive art and how to get started.

Also find out how a group of working professionals and first time filmmakers won a special recognition/mention award.