Screenwriting Foundation

Screenwriting is the soul of filmmaking. It all begins with a screenplay, a story written as a blueprint for a film.

Have you ever walked out of a movie theater and said, “I think I could probably write something better than that”? In fact, a great movie idea can be difficult to come up with and a great screenplay can almost be even more difficult to write. Writing for the screen, especially the

big screen, means you’re composing something meant for a visual medium. And though it can be difficult to do well, a great screenplay has the power to be transformative for your viewers.

This Workshop covers two major perspectives of


Scriptwriting - The Technique

Scriptwriting - An Art

DAY 1 :

• It all begins with a story

• What is a story and why do we tell them?

• Why are movie stories special?

• The difference between Story and Plot

DAY 2 :

• How movies handle story

• The three main approaches to Screenplay Structure:

Three Act Structure,


Structure & The Hero’s Journey

• Screenplay format and types of scripts

• The Log Line

• Getting started with your Script


1. Workshop Material: 1 Study Script, Script Format,Original Story used to Adapt to Script

2. Certificate of Completion (This will only be issued once all assignments are completed, submitted and approved)

3. Opportunity to work with/assist Jay on a Short Film

4. Eligibility to attend Advanced Script writing Courses with