Script to screen

The Open Film school is a philosophy that believes Filmmaking skill training and knowledge exchange is beyond just an introduction to the workings of a vocation. The Open Film School meditates on the art and craft of this beautiful medium, and encourages the aspiring filmmaker to develop their own worldview. It is an initiation into the magical world of cinema that paves the path for you to become its student and a practitioner for life.

The program is designed by Alumni of NYFA, FTII and SRFTI. Award winning and practicing filmmakers will share insights and experiences that will help you to start working on your first project.

Script to Screen is an intensive 2 day workshop that covers the basics of screenplay and direction . The objective of the workshop is familiarise the participants with the working of pre production and production.

The Following is the brief outline.

How to read a film – The visual arts

Production process – The art of delegation

Screenplay Format – The Blue Print

Story-boarding – First Visuals

Cinematography 1 – The Canvas

Types of shots, Camera movement and meaning, working with a cinematographer

Direction – Mise – en- Scene

The rules, Talking heads, walking heads

Actors and casting for the film

Making a film, Objectivity, The tools

A career in Filmmaking – Start your first film

Conducted by Jay Gholap, Alumnus New York Film Academy. Currently working as a script consultant.


🇮🇳 India IST -14:00 – 20:00 hrs 🇯🇵 Japan JST. – 17:30 – 21:30 hrs
🇩🇪 Berlin CET – 10:30 – 16:30 hrs. 🇬🇧 Uk – 09:30 – 15:00 hrs

🇷🇺 Moscow MSK – 11:00 – 17:00 hrs 🇲🇨 Indonesia WIB -15:30 – 21:30

🇺🇸US EST – 09:00 – 15:00 hrs. 🇧🇷 Brazil BST – 10:00 – 16:00 hrs

Fees Rs. 4000
Fees € 50


GPAY 9619595411

Please complete the form after the payment is made.

connect Over, WhatsApp +91 9619595411

Facebook messenger – Jaé Gholap


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