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The Open Film school is a philosophy that believes Filmmaking skill training and knowledge exchange is beyond just an introduction to the workings of a vocation. The Open Film School meditates on the art and craft of this beautiful medium and encourages the aspiring filmmaker to develop their own worldview. It is an initiation into the magical world of cinema that paves the path for you to become its student and a practitioner for life.

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Jay Gholap

Alumnus New York Film Academy.  A computer engineer before he made his first documentary for SETI NASA,  He founded The Open Film School to bring film education to everyone. The Open Film School has trained more than 300 participants over 8 years. Jay Gholap also works as a script consultant, Documentary and corporate filmmaker. Previous experience includes AD to Ram Gopal Verma and corporate films. 

Raghavendra Sastry

has completed his graduation in BFA specializing in photography and photojournalism, later worked as a photojournalist at a news agency, then worked as a travel photographer for a travel book publisher, later assisted some well-known cinematographers for 2 Kannada films as I was interested to learn more in cinematography, I studied at the renowned film institute, SRFTI (Satyajit ray film and television institute of India ) Kolkata.

Joydip Mukhopadhyay

is an Alumnus of Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute of India. Joydip has worked on 3 feature films as an editor and Worked with Film & Television Production M.A. students of AMITY University, as a Visiting Faculty for Post Production Technique in Film Editing.

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